Insider Information

There seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around about what’s happened thus far. My sources that are in the central hub of the wildlife response effort have reported only processing one gannet (sea bird for the lay folks) through their facility and no marine mammals or turtles as of this morning. There were a few whales spotted passing through the oil slick area. Facility readiness seems to be coming together on all fronts and lines of communication between organizations and involved parties sound relatively clear. There is a somewhat bureaucratic hierarchy to all of this but it’s a necessary evil in the face of such a large scale response involving so many parties. The reports on the amount of oil that is bubbling out of the well and into the Gulf are still all over the board. By the most conservative estimates there should be somewhere around half a million gallons of crude floating around out there and the most devastating estimates put it closer to 2.5 million gallons. For scale, the Exxon Valdez topped out around 11 million gallons.


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