Caged Animal

As my e-mail and social network funding campaign begins to circulate, kind words, cash, and gear are starting to filter in. I officially have enough to procure an airline ticket when the time comes thanks to the folks listed on the “Donations” page. The ball is rolling and I’m happy for it. That caged animal feeling is setting in more and more as I await the phone call to mobilize.

In the meantime, the ecosystems that are about to be hit with this oil are breeding grounds for many

The first oiled brown pelican is doing well in rehab.

threatened and endangered animals and the bird and turtle breeding season is already under way. Among the threatened or endangered listed by the state of Louisiana are 5 species of sea turtle including Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles (the most endangered in the world), 7 birds, 4 whales, manatees, and 15 other reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. These are just the listed critters. There are many others that call the Gulf Coast their home and have no other place to turn to when things get bad. Breeding season isn’t the only confounding variable from the wildlife standpoint in this situation, there are many migrating birds coming up from South America. After crossing the Gulf of Mexico they expect to find their usual stop over locations choc full of spring bounty as they are in poor body condition after such a long journey. The faster we can get to affected areas the better the inhabitants of the Gulf will fare – including many of it’s human inhabitants that were just entering a nice recovery phase after the devastation of Katrina.


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