The Long Relay Race

As day 27 comes to a close and the oil still spews, BP continues to combat expert opinions that the leak is much larger than they have claimed – or are willing to admit – and birds are slowly starting to filter into the care facilities around the gulf coast. With gallons per day estimates as high as the 4.5 millions, this is bound to be a longer recovery effort than any of us are ready to think about. The volunteer scene is being run like a relay race. Local folks are taking the first leg and will be passing the baton to out of towners soon enough.

Something to keep in mind when wondering why there have been so few animals admitted to care facilities is that they have to be pretty worn down for recovery workers to even be able to capture them. So as it stands, there are plenty of oiled animals out there. They are just spry enough to out maneuver recovery worker’s nets or are holed up in locations that haven’t been reachable for the last few days due to serious electric storms and high winds.


One response to “The Long Relay Race

  1. Karen and Rick Harris

    I hate thinking of those birds holed up somewhere without help.

    On another note … Did you see Saturday night Live last Saturday? They did a pretty good skit summing up the BP plan to contain the oil spill…

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