We’re Moving!

Sorry about the long absence. Big things have been in the works in my little world. The first event was that I’ve procured a blog under the guise of Nature.com! After having the blog you’re viewing listed on their blogroll they decided to offer me an official space on their site. That means this blog will be moving to Nature.com within the next few days. It’s new name will be “The Recovery Room.” The second aspect of my absence, aside from pouring over what seem like hundreds of news sites every day, is that I’ve been making arrangements to be on the Gulf Coast by Monday. That’s right. I’ll be reporting to you live from the coast on Monday at the new Nature.com blog. The URL is blogs.nature.com/NicoleRE and I’m sure you’ll be able to find it from my profile page on the Nature Network too. See you there for on the ground insights into the oiled wildlife response effort and to experience the animals, responders, residents, and the current state of the environment.

I’ll fill you in on the “Blobs” topic that I taunted you with in my last post from the new Nature address. I promise. Right now I have to finish packing and set up all the tech stuff at the new address. Does anyone know where I put my trusty field shirt?

A million thanks for reading.


One response to “We’re Moving!

  1. Karen and Rick Harris

    I figured you were busy with the transition. We look forward to following your progress with this important work.

    Take Care


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