Moon Booming

– originally published on “The Recovery Room” 28 May 2010

Reporting to you live from the Grand Isle State Park campground. Yes, the campground has wifi… What is the world coming to? I’m “camping” 500 feet from the closed beach and oil booms are stretched as far as the eye can see. Great news right!? Almost. The catch is, they’re placed above the high tide line. As I write this post amongst the music of crickets, cicadas, tree frogs, and security ATV’s patrolling the beach, the full moon is lighting my keyboard. That means that the high tides surrounding tonight will be very high, creating an exaggeratedly high tide line. I just ran and looked, the booms are a full 25 feet from the gently lapping waves tonight and the tide was its highest at 11:32pm. Strong work folks. Grand Isle boom.jpg

Here’s a photo of the boom being laid by National Guard workers earlier today. Notice the high water mark well below their line of defense. Am I mistaken in thinking that boom on beaches is an attempt to keep it below the high water line and off of as much sand as possible? Someone please clarify if I’m wrong. I wish I were on top of it enough to have put all of this together but Drew Wheelan with the American Birding Association pointed out the misplacement to me earlier today as we met over beers and commiserated about our similar roles in this disaster.

Tomorrow brings rumors of President Obama showing up here and attempting to cajole someone into letting me hitch a ride on their boat so I’m going to sign off. I’ll leave you with this photo of one of the Grand Isle fishing “camps” as they’re locally known. Note the moniker!
recovery room.jpg


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