According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, over 600 different species are in danger of being affected by this oil spill. Among the ranks are 445 species of fish, 45 species of mammal, 32 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 134 species of birds not to mention innumerable plant, invertebrate, and micro-organism species that make up the foundation of a functional ecosystem.

Every little bit helps. Many thanks!

Ways to Contribute:

1. Paypal; just click the “donate” button, fill in the amount you would like to donate, log into your account (or create one if you want) and you’re done.

2. Send a check made out to me to 372 60th St., Oakland, CA 94618.

3. Bank transfer; if this is your preferred donation method just let me know and I’ll give you my account information.

Estimated Costs:

Airfare                                                           $400

Car rental                                                     $200

Lightweight Breathable Rain Jacket      $100

Protective Footwear                                   $120

Food and Miscellaneous Supplies          $600

Total Needed:                                             $1420

Total Received:                                           $2331

WOW! I’m overwhelmed!! Thanks thanks thanks! The Gulf ecosystem thanks you! Now to get to work.

List of Donors – in receiving order:

Katie Moriarty

Gyan Riley

Tyler & Elke Chamberlain

Colin Brayton

Sheryn Olson

Greg Lutz

Laurence & Sarah Siegel

Sri Moonshine Music

Darla & Darrel DeRuiter

McCrae & Michelle Cobb

Barbara “Bee” Framm

Signa Weise

Ellie Bowman

Ivan Kubeldis

Michael Kelley

Polly Nelsen

Mike Prinz

Katrina Krimsky

Tamara Rosen

Tim Lawes

Shirley DicKard

Carla Turturici

Deborah O’Grady

Karen Stapf-Harris

John & Jody Deaderick

Sigi De Francesca & Jim Guzzetta

Lois Culp & Cormac O’Donoghue

Cecelia Lathe & Kate Walsham

Amy Evans McClure


3 responses to “Donations

  1. best of luck with the clean-up work. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Luke and Polly

    Go Nicole! We’re so glad we can support the effort directly through you. Thank you for cutting out the middle man for us. Good luck!

  3. Karen and Rick Harris

    Thanks for doing this very important work. We will follow your progress here on the website. Take Care.
    Peace. Karen and Rick

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